This is the umpteenth web presence of Tom Carding, a web-head and writer who managed to become a Digital Lead.

This one began as an experiment to see if the Evernote/Blog combination would pay off where so many other publishing platforms have fallen by the wayside (so long Tumblr, see you in hell!), I am currently using it as a scrapbook and blog on Technology, User Experience Design (UXD) and high quality applied thinking in general. Though increasingly I feel like it might be a good place to put some writing projects that have more normally sat elsewhere.

UXD and design thinking my current fascinations; things that I'd like to spend much more time doing, that I don't see enough of not just on the web but in the world at large. There are some principles of this discipline which I like that I think are important and so broadly applicable that they are useful in the design, implementation and management of pretty much anything:
  • The thinking you put into something should make it more simple
  • You can't really say something is true until you've got data and you've tested it
  • What people say they do and what they actually do are very different; people are aware of this only dimly and to varying degrees
  • A holistic, whole-of journey view of things is the best way to arrive at something people will use
  • "Why do this? What's it for?" are the most important questions and need to be asked constantly